Here is my post for the Evangelium Institute Blog on the Memorial of St. Paul of the Cross, founder of the Passionists.

St. Paul was born in Ovada in Genoa, Italy in 1694. It seems that from a very young age he displayed particular spiritual gifts, gifts which he shared with his younger brother John. From St. Paul’s fifteenth birthday onward, though, Paul was known to have eaten very little, slept little, and spent many hours in prayer. After trying several times to lead a “normal” life he was convinced more than ever that he was called to a clerical vocation.

In the summer of 1720 he was granted several visions that included a man in a black habit with a patch of white characters that bore Christ’s name with the cross. In one vision he was told clearly by Our Lady that he was to found an order. You don’t argue with Mama Mary, so that’s what he sought out to do.

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