Monthly Archives: March 2015

Here’s my article at the National Catholic Register looking into what the popes have written in their encyclicals about the environment. You might be surprised by what they say.

“Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment has been 50 years in the making. While the document is being championed as new ground for the Vatican, concern for the depletion of God’s creation has long been a part of Catholic social teaching. Yet papal teaching has highlighted that, ultimately, concern for nature and all created things can’t be separated from concern for man, his right relationship with God, marriage, family and a just society.”…


Here is a piece I wrote on the death penalty for The Catholic Answer, the magazine for Our Sunday Visitor. Capital punishment is not an intrinsic evil, but if there are alternatives, we ought to use them.

“The national conversation around the use of the death penalty has been renewed since the April 29, 2014, execution of Clayton Lockett. Lockett died from a heart attack after a new drug protocol failed to end his life quickly. He eventually died, but only after excruciating pain and suffering. Because of the incident, Catholics have been reminded about the Church’s measured opposition to the death penalty.” ….