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Mitt doesn't care about the very poor in this country or in others apparently.

Mitt doesn’t care about the very poor in this country or in others apparently.

It was announced by the Apostleship of Prayer that the Holy Father will be praying that “all peoples may have access to water and other resources needed for daily life.” This is announced as many millions of people suffer without water, food or proper shelter in the Horn of Africa which has seen the worst drought in a generation, one made significantly worse by the warring of radical Islamists in the region.

The Holy Father desires, like his predecessors, that nations of means are able and willing to help nations like Kenya and Somalia in situations such as these. The idea is that we help these people gain and maintain access to the basic goods of human life, goods to which they have a right by virtue of being alive and being human persons. This is the very meaning of solidarity and justice. Read More


Through various conversations and by reading the thoughts and comments of others, it strikes me that perhaps its time to start a new Catholic Action. You see, Stacy Trascanos notes with her usual perspicacity that, news flash, bishops don’t frequent OB/GYN offices. Her point is that in all the relief from Catholics and non-Catholics that the bishops are “finally” acting over this whole HHS thing, we forget that perhaps we should have been doing something about this all along, i.e. we the laity. Read More