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It isn’t financial bankruptcy; it’s cultural bankruptcy.

This line from Mayor Chuck Reed of San Jose, California hits a point of Catholic social teaching that goes too often missed and it appears in an amazing, must-read essay in Vanity Fair by Matthew Lewis titled “California AND Bust.” Lewis, whose wonderful writing style disarms what ought to be a terrifying assessment of our nation’s financial crisis, tells us that the depth of the economic woes will and are being felt by local municipalities more so than by big, federal or even state-level treasuries. The big guys, it seems, are passing the bankrupt buck down to the lowest level where mayors are more directly accountable to citizens.

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I think Socrates had a rule, and I believe it went something like this:

One can never write anything that will keep someone who wants to misinterpret you from doing so.

I suspect it is why the man never wrote a thing.

When this was said to me many years ago, it struck me as one of the truest things I’d ever heard. And it certainly has come to my mind recently after having written a defense of the bishops’ document Faithful Citizenship on this blog and a short explanation about the document for the National Catholic Register. Read More