Monthly Archives: February 2017

Here’s my article at the National Catholic Register assessing President Trump’s executive order on refugees from the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching.

“The recent refugee executive order from the Trump administration sparked protests and impassioned statements of concern across the country. Many Catholic pastors and the heads of Catholic charitable institutions released statements. The sudden increase in public comment varied widely in tone, message and guidance, leaving many Catholics wondering what the demands of the Church’s teaching are in this situation.”…


Here is my column in The Catholic Voice continuing my thoughts on mercy.

“In my column last month, I shared some thoughts on the meaning of mercy. I’d like to continue my reflections on mercy based on the pastoral priorities Archbishop Lucas has given us, expressed in the phrase ‘One church, encountering Jesus, equipping disciples, living mercy.’

“I mentioned before that merciful love transforms those around us, humanizes them and reveals to them who they are in the eyes of the Heavenly Father” …

Charity in Truth in “The Catholic Voice”