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Here is my post at on our problem with shamelessness.

We live in a nation of liars. I suppose that has been the case for a long while since we are all fallen creatures. Lying is just part of what it means to struggle with sin. So maybe I should say that we’ve become a nation just so totally inoculated to lying that we have ceased to see the shamelessness of it all…..



Here is my post at on the new encyclical by Pope Francis.


In Lumen fidei (The light of faith), Pope Francis’s first encyclical, he shows us more of his simple style and central themes which have been the constant undercurrent in his daily homilies and Wednesday audiences. Short and clear, the document from the still-new Pontiff provides us with an accessible teaching about the importance of faith to family, society, theology and Church at a time when everywhere secular individualism is the rule of the day. ….