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Every blogger has their own rules about comments. One thing I should say up front is that all comments are subject to approval by me before they are posted. I am usually pretty open about comments, even posting those that I disagree with or which might point out a clear error I have made.

I do try to respond to most comments because I recognize that you have made the effort to comment, and I want to acknowledge that.

If your comment is not approved quickly it is probably because I am very busy. I have a life, a big one, and this blog, these posts, this work is not as important as my family and my paying job.

Things that will automatically disqualify you from having a comment approved include but are not limited to:

  • Curse words and other vulgarities.
  • Getting way off point.
  • Questioning my fidelity to Jesus and His Church.
  • Threatening me or my family’s welfare.
  • Defending the New York Yankees.

Other than that, if I just don’t feel your comment advances any particular argument but your own desire to lambaste me, and/or if you make silly accusations which have nothing to do with the matter at hand, I won’t approve your comment. For example: if, in response to 2000+ words of researched writing your comment is something like: “This is socialist drivel,” I’m not going to approve your comment. Why would I?

Anyway, you can always e-mail me if you truly need to engage me:

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