Accompanying Others in Sharing Mercy

Here is my column in The Catholic Voice on living mercy through being with others. “In this, my final installment of reflections on living mercy, I wanted to draw from Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation ‘Evangelii Gaudium,’ the Joy of the Gospel. In that document, the Holy Father speaks to us about missionary discipleship, which is part of the … Read more

Finding Mercy With, Without Technology

Here is my column in The Catholic Voice on technology and mercy. “Continuing on the theme of mercy, I’d like to again focus on some concrete ways we can incorporate mercy in our lives.” …. Charity in Truth in “The Catholic Voice”

Listening: A Gift We Can Give Others in Our Journey Through Advent

Here is my column in The Catholic Voice on Advent and listening to others in pain. “As every year comes to a close, we often look back at some of those who have passed away. This year includes the loss of Harper Lee, Prince, Muhammad Ali, John McLaughlin, Leonard Cohen and, in July, Elie Wiesel. Wiesel was … Read more

Social Catholicism and Catholic Social Teaching [VIDEO]

Here is a video of a presentation I gave to the Omaha chapter of the Catholic Professional & Business Club. Thanks to the folks there for letting me present on this subject. Pictured above is Leon Harmel.

What the Upcoming Synod Can Teach Us

Here is a piece I wrote on the upcoming Synod for The Catholic Answer, the magazine for Our Sunday Visitor. I offer some practical suggestions for the family and how we can live up to our calling. “Talk about the synod in the media has revolved mostly around pastoral solutions to prickly questions in modern families. While such … Read more

Community Shows the World Everything is Interconnected

Here is my column in The Catholic Voice on Planned Parenthood and living Pope Francis’ Laudato Si. Check it out. “Last month I wrote about ‘Laudato Si,’ the pope’s new encyclical. I ended that column saying I would continue to write about the document this month, but in the meantime our country has been ‘assaulted’ by the gruesome … Read more

Planned Parenthood and Immigration Control: What You Should Know and Probably Don’t

Planned Parenthood is back in the news for the very worst reasons. While it should not be a surprise to anyone with half a brain that they do this sort of work (selling the parts of aborted babies – in case you missed it), it ought to at least nudge those Catholics who support candidates … Read more

Gay Marriage Predictions: Then and Now

A number of years ago I thought to keep an exchange about gay marriage between two conservatives. Written for National Review in 2001 Stanley Kurtz and Johnathan Rauch had a reasoned argument for and against which struck me at the time as helpful because it was so clear and devoid of name-calling. Kurtz argued inter alia against the legalization of … Read more

Taking a Stand for Marriage

Here is my column in The Catholic Voice on the defending marriage in light of attacks on faithful Christians like Barronelle Stutzman. “There has been a great deal of talk about marriage in the last few years, even here in Nebraska. I wanted to reflect on this in light of some recent events.” … Charity in Truth in “The Catholic … Read more

The Coming Revolution

So what if there were new circumstances arising in our age that changed everything about Catholic Social Teaching? CST has developed over the past 123 years to address issues not fathomed by Leo XIII in 1891. From medical research that claws at the fabric of human life to weapons that can be controlled by the mind, CST has … Read more

On the Virtue of Print Media

My very good wife gave me a great gift for Father’s Day. With air miles which were going to expire anyway, she got me a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. I had never had one before. We couldn’t justify the price on our tight budget, but a former roommate and my brother had had … Read more