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Here is a piece I wrote on the upcoming Synod for The Catholic Answer, the magazine for Our Sunday Visitor. I offer some practical suggestions for the family and how we can live up to our calling.

“Talk about the synod in the media has revolved mostly around pastoral solutions to prickly questions in modern families. While such questions are important, Catholics ought not ignore what will be said at the synod about the family’s vocation and mission to societies. For the family is the foundation for all society.” ….




Here is my column in The Catholic Voice on Pope Francis’ Laudato Si and the connection between how we treat people with how we treat things and vice versa.

Continuing with the encyclical ‘Laudato Si’,’ Pope Francis laments what he calls our ‘throwaway culture.’ We in America do live in a throwaway culture. The Planned Parenthood videos have shown us just that.

This theme of the Holy Father’s touches upon a truism within Catholic social teaching that has been repeated many times by several popes: there is a direct connection between the way we treat things and the way we treat people….

Charity in Truth in "The Catholic Voice"

Charity in Truth in “The Catholic Voice”


Here is a link to a presentation I gave at our local Seeking Truth Bible Study, or you can watch it below.

If you don’t know Seeking Truth, you just haven’t lived. Founded, led, motivated, organized, sustained, enlivened and otherwise championed by Sharon and Steven Doran, it is a great way to get to know the Scriptures and build community. It’s not just an Omaha thing either. You can take it online and run groups in your own parish. Check it out. Seriously.

Anyway, here is my presentation to the leadership team on the prophets. As I explain, my inspiration for the talk came from teaching on the prophets and Catholic Social Teaching. Doing so gave me an insight as to what it means to be prophetic nowadays, something which can be difficult for the dad, husband, worker bee, gardener, gourmet, freelance writer and living jungle gym.