Here is my post for the Evangelium Institute blog on the feast of St. Maria Goretti.

On July 6, we celebrate the Memorial of St. Maria Goretti

Maria Goretti, affectionately called Marietta by her family, was born in Corinaldo in 1890. She was the eldest of five children of Luigi and Assunta Goretti. She prayed constantly. The rosarywas always tied around her wrist since, after a time, she could not go long without praying it. When she reached the age for First Communion, Maria insisted on receiving despite the factthat her mother argued that there was no time for preparation, no money to pay for the proper dress and veil, and no way that Maria could read or write well enough to learn her catechism. Undaunted, Maria found a way and received First Communion in May 1902 just a few weeks before her martyrdom. The whole town pitched in to get her the proper attire since she was known for her piety. …

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