The Story Behind The Exaltation of The Cross

The Western story behind this feast day is fascinating, but the true point is the meaning of the Cross. Cardinal Newman offers us his insight.

Happy Feast of St. Omer

The wonder of the lives of the saints is that they are tangible bolts of blinding light coming from the simplicity of the incarnate Word. St. Omer, pray for us.

Divine Little Bird

Caryll Houselander ought to be a household name. That she isn’t as much is a testament to her eccentricity and her love for the woman who pondered all these things in the her heart.

Campion: Model of Sacrifice

What are we willing to give up for Christ? St. Edmund Campion gave up life and limb, not just comfortable sleep.

The Ledger of Love

We tend to treat God as someone we have to please to get Him to ignore us. This only leads to a bitter pain that scars the heart.